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Ice Cream Menu

Scoops and Cones

1 Scoop - £1.20
2 Scoops - £2.00
3 Scoops - £2.50
Fresh whipped cream - 50p supplement
Add an Ice Cream Sauce - 50p supplement

Choose from the following:
Mint, Chocolate, Strawberry, Crème Caramel, Praline, Egg Liquor, Red Curacao. Sauce and Toppings - £1.00 Supplement
Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips, Crushed Almonds, Mixed Corn Crisps.


Small - £1.20
Medium - £2.00

Kids Menu

Chocolate Cup - £2.50 Adult £3.50
Served with chocolate sauce and chocolate toppings

Spaghetti Ice - £3.00 Adult - £4.00
Spaghetti shaped Ice Cream served with strawberry sauce and white and dark chocolate toppings

Lasagne Ice - £3.00 Adult - £4.00
Lasagne shaped Ice Cream layers served with strawberry sauce and white and dark chocolate shavings

Banana Split - £3.00 Adult £4.00 with Egg Liquor
Served with banana whipped cream chocolate sauce

Fruit Cup £2.50
Served with a selection of fresh fruit and strawberry sauce

Pinocchio Cup £2.50
Nadine’s Surprise

Franco E Toni Specialities

Malaga Cup £4.00
Served with marinated grapes in Marsala wine and topped with egg yolk liquor

Black & White Cup £4.00
Served with Egg Liquor and Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Shavings and topped with crushed almonds

Nut Cup £4.00
Served with hazelnuts and topped with praline sauce

Amaretto Cup £4.00
Served with amaretto biscuits, crushed almonds and Amaretto Liquor

Blue Sky Cup £4.00
Served with blue Curacao

After Eight Cup £4.50
Served with mint and chocolate sauce, topped with an after eight chocolate

Caramel Cup £3.50
Served with caramel sauce and crushed almonds

Cherry Cup £4.00
Served with sweet cherries and cherry sauce


Choose any of our ice cream flavours £2.50

Healthy Option

Low fat & Diabetic Ice Cream
Small tub £2.00
Medium tub - £2.50
With sauce, fruits of the forest 60p
With fresh whipped cream 50p

Fruit Cups

Fruit salad cup £3.50 (for diabetes)
A selection of fruit flavoured ice creams served with fruit segments and topped with strawberry sauce

Raspberry Cup £3.50
A selection of fruit flavoured ice creams served with fresh raspberry and raspberry sauce

Strawberry Cup £3.50
Vanilla and strawberry ice cream served with fresh strawberries and topped with strawberry sauce

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